Studio 18 Location Studio Photo

Photo Set

The Photo Set of 13.5 m2 equipped with a white cyclorama wall. Ideal for photography and film productions. The set features a FOBA ® rail system.

Examples of use

The Photo Set is available on a rental basis. It is equipped with 3 flash torches hanging from a FOBA ® rail system enabling a maximum floor space. The set can also be fully insulated for maximum privacy. In case of video use for shooting packshots, Set 1 can be equipped with a lighting kit of continuous light. To give you the maximum opportunity, you can opt for the installation of colored backgrounds or even a turntable diameter of 1m accepting a load of 80kg.

Set plan

Plan Studio Photo à louer

Technical characteristics

Studio 18 Location Studio Photo


3 sources of power multi-outlet
16A Single Phase

Studio 18 Location Studio Photo


Height: 3.10 m
Width: 2.7 m
Depth: 5m
Step back before set: 8m

Studio 18 Location Studio Photo


13.5 m2 with white cyclorama wall
3 Flash Lamps 1500W (t ° 5800K - tungsten)
1 FOBA ® rail System


Half day
199€ HT*
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Full day
299€ HT*
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(*)This rate includes the set rental for a period of 8 hours (full day package) and 4h (half-day package) divided in a time slot of 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. It also includes the energy consumption of all the equipment present. The lighting/electrical assistance is an optional service at a flat rate of 250€ per day. Extra time is charged on the basis of 100€ per additional hour.