green _screen

Green screen

The white background set with a useful surface of 100m2 is equipped with aluminium stands supporting the green background. Ideal for chroma keying products or people during broadcasts.
It is equipped with a built-in rotating platform to rotate heavy loads at 360 °.

Examples of use

The Green Screen set is available on a rental basis. You can hadle projects such as chromakeying objects or people. The Green Screen set use our biggest inside the studio. We offer you the opportunity to unload your equipment effortlessly with our charger. If needed, our team of creatives can help by providing.

Our Green Screen puts you anywhere you want to be. Our green screen room puts you where you want to be in your video. By removing the green color in the video, you can be inserted into any video footage or photo almost seamlessly. Just make sure you’re not wearing any green in the video shoot, or you won’t be seen either.

Set plan


Technical characteristics

Studio 18 Location Studio Photo


4 sources of power multi-outlet
16A and 32A Single Phase and Tri Phase

Studio 18 Location Studio Photo


Height: 4,10m
Width: 10m
Depth: 8m
Step back before set: 3m

Studio 18 Location Studio Photo

Equipments (optional)

100m2 with white cyclorama U-form shape
1 Lampe Chimera® F2x Softbox (9.0m per 3.0m) constant daylight lightbulbs
1 Embedded rotating platform (ø 5.0m ; loading capacity 3.5 tons)


Half day
€ HT*
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Full day
€ HT*
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(*)This rate includes the set rental for a period of 8 hours (full day package) and 4h (half-day package) divided in a time slot of 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. It also includes the energy consumption of all the equipment present. The lighting/electrical assistance is an optional service at a flat rate of 250€ per day. Extra time is charged on the basis of 100€ per additional hour.