Studio 18 offers 3 diffrent film and photgraph sets available on a rental basis. But we also are an agency ! Our teams of talented creatives are experts in film production, photography and CGI/3D. They can help you in your projects, and stay at your disposal if you need it.

loges_blanc Changing room

Each set rental offers an access to a changing room located nearby. Your models can change and store their clothes in private.

connectivite_blanc Network

All workstations are connected via LAN and WLAN. We provide you secure access to the web and secured data transfer with an encrypted connection.

energie_blanc Power

The whole building has both 16A and 32A Sigle Phase power network. Organized in different sub-network protected with isolated fuses, your electrical equipment will always be safe.

post_prod_blanc Post-production

We don’t only offer a full range of services but when required also assistance for partial digital post production. We can organize and manage every detail, starting with pre-production (casting, design, script, storyboard, treatment, editing, music, color and sound work).

3d_blanc 3D RENDERING & CGI

If it is real or just a concept, or if your subject doesn‘t fit in a studio or doesn‘t even exist yet, our CGI artist can help you out. Whether using existing data or only a technical layout, your product is photo-realistically generated, or if that is not what you are looking for then all the necessary technical equipment is available for you to create your own CGI images.

evenementiel_blanc EVENT RENTAL

From valet service to cloakroom service all t he way to catering: We can organize everything for you in addition to providing well-qualified crew every step of the way. The studio can accommodate up to 40 people for your workshop, presentation or special event.