If you need additional solutions such as tooling, lifting solutions, lighting, specific background, raising platforms or rotating platforms, we can offer you our assistance.

acces_plateaux_blanc Set access

The access to the sets is effected by a security door of 4.2 meter wide. You can unload your equipment, products or to enter a vehicle. The sets are accessible at street level.

levage_blanc Lifting equipments

For easier loading and unloading process of your equipment, we give you access (*) to the charger to lift pallets or heavy loads.

(*) Licence/Permit required.

eclairage_blanc Lighting and curtains

Additional lighting are available on a simple request. You can choose continuous lighting for film production, or flash/tungsten lighting. Our designers can help you choose through a collection of diffrent colored backgrounds, diffusers or reflectors. Our team is used to work on the sets every day, it can can advise you in the selection of lighting and backgrounds for your projects.

plateaux_blanc Plateforms

For those special circular shots, we have different turning platform solutions.

1 embedded rotating platform (Set 1) 5.0m diameter with a 3,5 tons of loading capacity.
1 turntable 1.0m diameter with 80kg of loading capacity.

Our designers can also work on customize platforms if needed.